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Langkawi: The jewel in Malaysia's tourism crown
Langkawi has a lot to offer visitors, but it's the virgin sand beaches and crystal-clear seas that rightly get the most attention.

Over-the-Top and Under the Sea: Dubai Unveils 'Floating Seahorse' Villas
On the lower level, guests can view the marine life living in artificial coral gardens (currently being built by the developers), through floor-to-ceiling windows in the bedrooms and bathroom. A middle level hosts all the amenities of a modern home - plus a sundeck and plunge pool. And finally, as if all this wasn't enough, the upper level includes a glass-bottom hot tub from which visitors can take in views of the sea and Dubai's skyline.

7 Smartphone Hacks For Traveling Abroad
There have been many apps developed that make travel easier, even if you're exploring another country.

Top 10 Food Cities
This list was first published in the National Geographic book The World's Best Cities.

Malaysia: Paradise in the jungle
We were traipsing the mountainous interior of Tioman Island, an island of such wild, tropical magnificence that Time magazine once announced it as among the 10 most beautiful in the world.

Halal Travel: Malaysia ranked the most Muslim friendly destination
The index was compiled by the company specializing in halal tourism CrescentRating in partnership with MasterCard. Among the countries ranked in the index there are 48 Muslim countries and 92 non-Muslim destinations.

World's 10 most stunning airport approaches
When you're flying into these 10 beauties, which offer views of everything from mountainous landscapes to glittering skyscrapers, you're going to want to be in the window seat.

Top chef lauds Northern Ireland's fine goods
"I loved the beef here - it's just so delicious. The food has been wonderful, with products from all the different counties. There's excellent beef, seafood, lamb and dairy. It's so good, it's unbelievable," he said.

Can you "Tahan" the tallest mountain in Penisular Malaysia?
Gunung Tahan, the tallest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia at 2187m, requires great energy, stamina as well as mental determination to climb. Hence it's name "Tahan", which is the Malay word for "to endure".

The good, bad and ugly of street artist Ernest Zacharevic's murals
Just search the hashtag #penangstreetart or Google "Georgetown murals" and more likely than not, images by artist Ernest Zacharevic pop up. You may not know his name, but you'll definitely recognise his distinctive style - paintings of children, sometimes accompanied by props such as a chair or supermarket trolley on the walls of aged buildings and shophouses.

AirAsia X to fly direct to Tehran from KL and Bangkok
AirAsia X Bhd and Thai AirAsia X today announced Tehran as their latest destination in the group’s route network, connecting both Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok directly to the Iranian capital.

How technology is shaping the way we travel
In the 1970s Boeing's now-iconic 747 Jumbo Jet revolutionised travel, making mass international air travel affordable. Now trends indicate a second revolution is underway as technology changes the way we holiday.

Travel: The mysteries of China's Forbidden City
The Purple Forbidden City, called Gu Gong in Mandarin, was once the seat of supreme power in China. It was home to 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties - spanning over 600 years.

The Continuous Booming of Hotel Industry in Australia
One of the things Australia is truly proud of is its luxury hotels. With its long history, every Australian hotel is regarded as a place for both recreation and leisure as well as where people connect with one another and take pleasure in each moment of being together.

Denmark regains title of 'world's happiest country'
Denmark has been declared the planet's most contented country, pipping Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Finland to top spot in the annual World Happiness Report.